Alex Housego (indian and jazz flutes)

Teymour Housego grew up in New Delhi and learnt the Indian flute under Shri Prakash Saxena and later studied jazz at the CIM in Paris. He has performed in clubs, concert halls and festivals across Europe and India, as well as on BBC radio and television. His group Indofluence was featured on the French compilation album ‘Musique du Monde – Orbite No1’. He has also composed extensively for South Asian TV and radio.

He joined forces with Earthtribe in 2002 to create SOMASONIC. The band’s
compelling synergy of Indian-inspired melodies, contemporary eastern beats
and progressive electronica enthralled audiences across the UK during their
Spring 2003 tour. Teymour is currently touring with Shivanova and Rishi Rich
and is due to tour the UK in the Autumn of 2004 with French guitarist Yves
Mesnil under the auspices of the Asian Music Circuit.

While in India he taught the flute at the American school in New Delhi and
has since been teaching privately in London and Paris.